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Welcome to Baldini Resource Associates

Baldini Resource Associates, Inc., has been developing and presenting short courses since 1982. Changes have been made during the years in order to continue to bring a Quality Educational and Meaningful Training Program to the Community, with Instructors who are primarily hardware oriented, i.e. those who have actually gotten their hands dirty, doing their work. We appreciate your participation and support and always listen to your course evaluations. There will be more than one point of view per topic in many cases, since we can only present information and the facts as we know them.

Changes constantly occur in previously developed courses in order to keep contents current. Some instructors change in previously developed courses also.

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New Course Lagrangian Hydrocodes

New Course  Intro to Plasticity for Analysts


Please note that these courses are no longer sponsored by the ADPA: these courses were sponsored by The American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA) national organization from 1982 until September 1989. These courses are no longer sponsored by the ADPA, and there is no association with Baldini Resource Associates, Inc.

It should also be noted that attendance at these courses does not qualify anyone to perform any testing of any kind, or handle any hazardous equipment or material. Your facility must do that to qualify you with adequate training and instruction, which, in many instances, consists of years of training.



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