MWB/LB-56 : Environmental & Chemical Hazards

* Life Cycle Systems Plans: Inception To Disposal Or Demilit-Arization i.e. Cradle To Grave.
* Methods, Procedures And Vendors Who Help To Insure That You And Your Facility Are In Compliance With The Law.
* Effect Of Your Signature: When Toxic Substances Or Hazardous Wastes Are Involved Or Found.
* Legal Liability If Contamination Is Found: As A Civilian Or US Government Employee.
* Current Environmental Regulations & Their Impact: As Presented By An Attorney: Existing Environmental, Hazardous Waste, And Toxic Substances Regulations.
* Law And Interpretation Of The Law In Areas Of Environmental And Chemical Hazards.
* Proposed Future Environmental Regulations & And Their Impact: As Presented By An Attorney.
* The Clean Air Act; The Clean Water Act.
* Standards: For Hazards And Toxic Waste Classifications.
* Use Of Handbook To Determine The Classification Of Hazards.
* Required Procedures Whenever Environmental Problems Arise.
* Precautions When Testing Machining Or Forming: Uranium; Lead, Tungsten Or Their Alloys.
* Special Precautions For Machining And Testing Of Uranium: Required Air Filtration; Proper And Legal Disposal Of Waste Including Armor Impacted By Uranium Projectiles.
* By-Products Of The Interior Ballistics Combustion Cycle: Impact On The Environment; Needed Environmental Impact Statement.
* Special Precautions When Using Liquid Propellant Gun System.
* Safety And Health Considerations Around Range Instrumentation: Radar; Lasers; Laser Range Finder Sights; X-Rays; EML And Other Dangerous Power Supplies.
* Safety And Protective Equipment Requirements: Types And Limitations.
* Fire Hazards: Testing With Explosives, Tracers, Or Incendiaries.
* Noise Hazards: Methods And Types Of Protection.
* Explosive Ordnance Disposal: Bombs; Mines; Explosive Shells; Duds; Torpedoes; And Munitions.
* Safe Use And Proper Disposal Of Chemical Hazards.
* Base Closures; Base Clean-Ups; Procedures; Federal And State Regulations.


The objective of this course is to present the current regulations covering Environmental Hazardous Waste, Toxic Substances and Chemical Hazards, as they apply to anyone in general and specifically to those people working in Ballistics.

The information contained in this course, will assist each attendee to be in compliance with the law. People have gone to jail and companies have gone out of business or suffered large fines for non-compliance of environmental laws. Being a government employee does not exempt the individual; ignorance of these laws can be very costly.

The scope of the material covered in this course will be the current regulations and proposed future regulation. materials covered. Conditions and Precautions which allow for compliance with the clean air and clean water acts.

Knowledge of: proper classification of Environmental & Chemical Hazards, and Toxic Wastes: safe handling, storage, transportation, use, and proper, legal disposal.