MWB/LB-178 : Hazardous Materials: Use & Control

* Overview Approach to Hazardous Materials Management.
* Pollution Prevention Concepts for Guns and Explosives Ranges
* Gun and Explosives Range Operations With and Around Hazardous Materials; Standard Operating Procedures and Communications.
* Pre-Testing Requirements for Using Hazardous Materials.
* Emergency Planning Requirements for Operations Involving Gun and Explosive Ranges.
* Fire and Other Associated Concerns for Hazardous Materials.
* Protective Equipment and Procedures in dealing with Hazardous Materials.
* Life Cycle System Planning.
* Regulatory Differences Between: Hazardous Materials, Chemicals Substances and Hazardous Waste.
* Identification, Labeling and Marking Requirements.
* Determining the Classification of Hazards (Using a Handbook).
* Clean Air Act Requirements, Including Title V Permitting.
* Clean Water Act Requirements, Including NPDES Permitting.
* Disposal Methods for Hazardous Materials, Chemicals and Hazardous Waste.
* Military Munitions as Hazardous Waste.
* Protective Safety Measures and Equipment When Dealing With Hazardous Conditions.
* Noise Hazards and Protection.
* Compatible Storage For Hazardous Materials (Using a Handbook).
* Special Procedures for the Handling and Use of: Depleted Uranium, Tungsten, Lead (and Their Alloys) and Liquid Gun Propellants.
* Administrative and Regulatory Record keeping Requirements for Hazardous Materials.
* Proposed Future Environmental Regulations and Their Impact.
* Lessons Learned to Avoid Unsafe Working Conditions and Environment.

The objective of this course is to present the current regulations covering hazardous materials, chemicals, substances, and hazardous waste, as they apply to range management, explosive technicians responsible for testing, project manages, test directors, and administrative officers.

There will be several hands on exercises. The necessary reference books/ material needed to do the exercises are included in the student's material in addition to the substantial student notebook.